Endless Truth

Losing her wraith in Sunday morning.
I feel my withering soul bruise, just makes me sick.
Losing her sweet warmth as forever.
I feel my world’s turning break, just makes me hurt.

I want to taint the grace.
I want to collide in fury.
I want to hurt my self.

I couldn’t read the storm which had swallow her.
It’d banished me out of the endless laughter.
Oppositely, it gave me an endless truth.
I’ll hear her melody, her melody as my anesthetic.
But now I’m lost, lost in dark heaven.

I ask the pearl, but I only get an ash.
Every moment has to be so hard.
And marvelous truth is so far from me.
Lord just granted me a torment.
Lord just granted me a torment…

Jakarta, April 2009

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