Before 28

Before 28, it was a huge lesson; thanks to you all who accompany me through this roller coaster.

Adit – for your kindness; for your words; for asking my fettle; FYI, I cried when you said I am enormous, it’s such as a blind faith for me; thank you.

Aga – for the time, eventhough we’ll never meet before; maybe we have to meet soon.

Alicia – for wondrous perspectives; mellowness thing that you have makes me realize you have an old soul; and never say that you’re all alone.

Awid – for grounding me sane; for shitty conversation that we could laugh at; and still being you as I used to know.

Citra – for warm midnight chatty; for many advises.

Dicky – for the ears and the time you spitted out for me.

Edith – for listening; for your snappy notion.

Edo – for witty conversation; for being a big brother.

Fami – for accepting my apologies; big thanks. 

FK – for life lessons; for everything you gave to me about four years; our friendship was the best experience and our love story was the best impression; thank you and goodbye. 

Hasbi – for grounding me sane; please don’t disappear again.

Iis – for being a pal who accompany me creasing the life.

Imas – for being my forever anchor.

Ipho – for the kindness; for believing in me.

Jenny – for the connection that seems blurry that never blurry.

Jo – for being a good big little brother.

Madok – for being a person who always give me comfort.

Marisa – for the time that you spent even when you were with your lovely.

Meme – for being kind and always listening; stay safe.

Nandes – for the ears and the time.

Niar – for everything that I need in my collapse time; for your kindness; for your squawks; for slapping me with obviousness.

Odi – for sharp perspective when I recited the rotten story.

Oki – for believing me to keep your stories; vice versa.

Ria – for being a mentor, a big sister, and the best companion; how beauteous your soul is.

Simon – for appeasing me at first when suddenly I called and cried.

Singgih – for being my unexpected relief.

Uppe – for the times that you spent to goofy like me; for being you when I need you.

Dear all, thanks for your existences in my life. Thank you…

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